Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Designer of the Day - Danielle Vala

Danielle Vala is a friend of mine from college. She was always an incredibly kind, vibrant personality and I was/still am always interested in whatever she is working on. When we were in school she designed the covers for the magazine/newspaper Amusement, which used to be separate from the school newspaper. They have since combined it with the Miami Student and condensed it down to one section of the paper for reasons that are still unclear to me. While Amusement was still issued separately from the Student, Danielle did some amazing artwork for the covers. Some of the artwork she did, along with many other things that she has worked on, can be found in her online portfolio. Check out some of what she has done.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stay Classy Miami

Just a month ago on April 9th a group of sorority girls from Miami University, my alma mater, went to Lake Lyndsay Lodge in Hamilton, Ohio for their spring formal. What happened that night led to a sorority being banned from campus for a year, a non-alcoholic wedding (yes, a non-alcoholic wedding) nearly being canceled, an impressive path of destruction, and one hell of a story for the papers. Check out the details:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday - Coffee Edition

Happy Friday. I hope yours is more like a Friday and less like a Tuesday.
I have my coffee to thank for that

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mood Music

Stereomood is certainly a site for the moody (hence my love for it).
Have you ever been doing something 
(studying, reading, sitting in the yard, combing grandma's hair, etc.)
and wanted to turn on some music?
Stereomood lets you pick from any mood/acitivity and creates a huge playlist to go with it. 
Every song on the playlist has been chosen by others visiting the site to go with the mood/activity.
You can also add songs you like to playlists that you can custom-make.
Check it out. I know the next time I work out, it will be to the "sexy" playlist.

(thanks to Lauren and Leyla for the site)